Welcome to the Jester's Ring

I love to laugh.  I love to laugh so much, I decided to do something about it. So I created an email message forum back around 1998 so that my friends and classmates could swap jokes.  Some time in university the list began to wind down.  So in 2008 I created JestersRings.ca so that the jokes could be shown to the world!  I posted jokes on my site an average of several a week.  I even created a Facebook page and a Twitter feed so you could be notified when a new joke was posted.

But then in the final moment of 2009 my server was hacked and all data was dropped from the database, losing hundreds of jokes.  I found out that the company I used to host that site couldn't backup certain database types, so even the backups didn't have my jokes on them!

So here I am, in 2010, trying again.  This time, I'm using software that will allow comments on the jokes.  Even better, I have things set up so that Facebook and Twitter get updated automatically without me having to lift a finger.  And better still, a friend wants to help me post jokes. But I still want you to help! Please send in your own jokes.


--- Yodate: 2013, starting all over again.

2014 - Jester's Ring

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